Lieuwe Kingma (Grijpskerk, 1957) graduated from the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. It was here that he learned to paint in the traditional way: by observation. Kingma has built up an impressive collection through the years, pushing his limits all along the way. Several themes appear over and over again: landscapes of southern France or the spacious polders of Groningen, a harbor or a beach, still lifes with vases or apples, and nudes.

Sometimes he will opt for a small panel and other times a large canvas, just as he moves back and forth between figuration and abstraction. Paint texture and structure (smooth and rough, shiny and dull, heavy and thin) varies greatly within a single painting, and this plays a significant role in his work. Lieuwe’s feeling for color is pronounced and intuitive: the depth and intensity of the colors characteristic of his work are the result of a ‘piling up’ of color nuances in a labor-intensive process.